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Summit Grounds Management provides a complete grounds maintenance service. From lawn care to mulching, weed control, trimming, pruning and planting. We cover it all.  All programs are customized to fit your particular property. 

Lawn Maintenance

Our commercial lawn care & maintenance work stands out for its attention to detail. Our team members display an obvious passion for professionalism and pride in their work that will leave you feeling you’re in the hands of experts who truly care that the job gets done right. With our weekly visits, your property is guaranteed to have enhanced curb appeal from early spring to late fall.

Snow Removal

When winter weather, snow and ice hit your business, you require a fast response to prevent loss of sales and productivity. We specialize in immediate action response to winter storms, helping you keep your place of business accessible to customers and employees. Our exceptional knowledge of the principles and practices of snow and ice maintenance will make your job easier by maintaining a safe environment for your customers and employees, while avoiding costly down time. We carry a high level of competence and standards within the snow and ice industry.

Irrigation System

From design and product selection we can help you distribute water only when and where your property needs it. Professional installation will improve performance and the long life of your investment. Our knowledge of the latest industry standards means you will be getting the absolute best in the business. As your landscape matures and plants grow, commercial irrigation systems also need to change and grow.  We can update your system based on plant growth, add heads or zones to accommodate a newly planted area, add micro-sprays to pots, convert zones to drip irrigation…the possibilities are endless.


If mulch is applied incorrectly, it can actually be counter productive to the health of your plants and trees. All too often we see the dreaded “mulch volcano,” where an inexperienced landscape crew has drastically over 

applied mulch around the trunk of a tree. Unfortunately, this suffocates the tree while exposing it to various 

disease and insects. Recommended mulch depth is 2” – 3”. We regularly see other untrained landscapers applying mulch at twice that depth. We guarantee that our crews are trained for proper and professional mulch installation.




We incorporate your ideas and transform your landscape with you in mind. Our unique design philosophy provides the foundation and inspiration for distinctive designs.

We integrate essential design elements, such as line color, shape, texture, composition. 

Incorporating important principals such as variety, balance, proportion, and functionality into your design. 

We utilize a broad selection of unique plant materials, individually selected to meet our criteria for beauty, hardiness, ease of maintenance, and adaptability to local conditions.


Weed Control

Make your turf work for you instead of against you. With our lawn and landscape fertilizing and turf weed-control services we can make your lawn and landscape grow to become more beautiful, greener and healthier than ever. In addition, fertilizers improve the overall health of your lawn and landscape, which in turn crowds out weeds, fends off insects, and improves your overall curb appeal. We use only the best professional turf weed-control products to combat these negative pests. Our professionally trained applicators will prepare and maintain your lawn and landscaping year round.

Drainage Solutions

Surface drainage can be defined as the controlled removal of water that collects on the land from rainfall, irrigation, snowmelt or hillside seeps. As gravity is the primary force driving this type of system, it involves shaping the land with a continuous fall in the ground level to provide a downhill passage for surface runoff at an appropriate rate of flow. For grass drainage channels, or swales, a minimum slope of 1% to 5% is desired. The contours of the land then direct the runoff to a suitable collection site, such as ditches, basins or storm sewers. At Summit we have a team of experts that will evaluate and solve all your drainage needs.

Power Washing

Let Summit Grounds Management use the latest in pressure washing

technology to keep your building 

clean and professional looking. 

Graffiti vandalism is occurring more 

than ever before in urban as well as 

suburban areas. We offer fast 

response graffiti removal power washing services so you can have the peace of mind that your building's 

integrity is protected. Keep your commercial property looking clean, new, and inviting with our Hot Water Concrete Power Washing and Steam

Cleaning. We wash away the unsightly 

buildup of dirt, grime, oil, grease, 

chewing gum, and rust stains. 


Commercial Lawn Care

  • Bi-Weekly Edging

  • Turf Weed Control

  • Fertilization

  • Aeration

  • Dethatching

  • Seeding and Sodding

  • Weekly Mowing

Commercial Landscaping

  • Design/Build

  • Bed Fertilization

  • Color Rotations

  • Natural Form Shrub

  • Hedge Trimming

  • Line Trimming

  • Bed Maintenance

Snow and Ice Maintenance

  • Snow Plowing

  • Anti-icing

  • De-icing

  • Sidewalk Clearing

  • Snow Removal


Additional Services

  • Spring and Fall Clean-ups

  • Weed Control Paved Surfaces

  • Mulch Installation

  • Turf Care Programs

  • Fall Cut Back of Perennials

  • Tree & Shrub Care

  • Emergency Tree Removal

  • Stump grinding

  • Drainage Solutions

  • Irrigation Installation and Repair

  • Irrigation Start-Up

  • Irrigation Winterization

  • Power Washing

  • Storm/Winter Damage Removal/Replacement

  • Disease and Pest Control

  • Renovations/Additions

Summit Services

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